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The Ten People You Meet at a

Summer BBQ

October 2020

The Summer season has drawn to a close and there is a mild hint of Fall in the air. We can all agree that the Summer BBQ is a celebrated ritual that we all have experienced and the memories of them still linger. Of course, the point is to visit with friends and have fun together… but we have all noticed the personalities that turn up. Maybe it was just one of them that showed up, or it could have been a few from the list. The party is always guaranteed to get interesting as more show up. 


With this handy list, you will be able to pick them out of the crowd and know their threat level. Here is the list:


Failed DJ

Has awful taste in music and tries to take over the duties to play music. 

Threat Level: Low

Drink of Choice: Hard Seltzer


Talking at Volume 10

Speaks louder than everyone else and dominates the conversation in a wide area.

Threat Level: Low

Drink of Choice: Beer (the kind that has a beach setting in the advertising)


Semi-Professional Foodie

Commandeers the grill, criticizes your pairing of food/drink but makes delicious food.

Threat Level: Low

Drink of Choice: Red Wine


Level 100 Whiskey Wizard

Knows everything about whiskey and is not afraid to show you. Likely is wearing a weird medallion.

Threat Level: Medium

Drink of Choice: Craft Whiskey (duh… of course)


Sports Fanatic

Watching a game on their phone. Wants to watch another on the TV. Yells a lot.

Threat Level: Medium

Drink of Choice: Light Beer


Lettuce Head

Smokes potent marijuana. Willing to share. Always high as a kite.

Threat Level: Medium

Drink of Choice: IPA


Cruise Director

It is not their party, but they are telling everyone what to do. Bossy like a poodle on crack.

Threat Level: High

Drink of Choice: Anything made with vodka that comes from a frosted bottle


Married with Drama

One of them does not want to be here and is making it awkward. There will be an argument.

Threat Level: High

Drink of Choice: Bottled Water


Recently Single

The divorce was ugly. What led to it was uglier. Making up for lost time is going to be fun.

Threat Level: High

Drink of Choice: Shots of Whiskey and Beer


Party Gremlin

When you party with this person, you will wake up naked in field with no memory of what happened. However, there will be pictures and video of it. Be careful!

Threat Level: Extreme

Drink of Choice: High Proof Bourbon (chugging it directly from the bottle)


Which ones do you recall seeing during your past adventures at backyard soirees? Some of these can be quite dangerous if you get caught up with them – even at the lower threat levels. Just remember, this is all in good fun!


Cheers and enjoy!