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2020 – Lessons in Gratitude, Happiness, and Whiskey

November 2020

In November of 2020, it will be 8 months into our collective journey to beat the pandemic. This is neither a scientific nor political article, so do not even bother to go there with this. On the bright side, it is possible that there will be some point in the future where 2020 will be a laughing matter. Ultimately, this year will not pass without imparting some lessons. They are best soaked in whiskey, bourbon, and/or scotch!


Lesson #1 - Gratitude

Gratitude is the acknowledgement and appreciation of good in your life. For example, the simple act of being able to go into a bar and enjoy a glass of your favorite whiskey, bourbon, or scotch is a great way to shake off your troubles. Drinking with friends in this setting has a multiplicative impact on the therapeutic benefits. Such a simple act will no longer be taken for granted in the future. Feel free to share this article with your spouse as justification of your future carousing as it is a personal exercise in gratitude. 


Lesson #2 – Happiness

Happiness is the mixture of pursuits in life that add up to your feelings of fulfillment, meaning, and contentment. On the surface, this can seem remarkably simple but then reveals itself to be an extraordinarily complex thing to understand. This is why therapists make a lot of money in our society. If you do not know what this means right now, you eventually will. Ultimately, happiness is enjoying whiskey, bourbon, and scotch with good friends.


Lesson #3 – Whiskey

Whiskey alone may not solve all your problems, but it turbocharges the part of your brain that makes you temporarily care a lot less about them. In our collective love for the elixir we worship, this so-called Nectar of the Gods, we share this common experience. In case you have not noticed, the fraternity of humans who love whiskey is a dandy club to have membership in. 


In case you did not notice, life is a fleeting moment, and no one gets out alive. In all of recorded history, no good story has ever started with “I paid all of my bills on time this month”, “I ordered the salad”, “We stayed in and watched re-runs” or “I’ll have ice water” (unless you're the designated driver – enjoy responsibly). We all must be responsible as a part of our daily lives, but that does not mean that you turn away a bit of fun. 


For example, there are countless memories that start out with enjoying your favorite beverage with friends while watching an event at the local watering hole. All of these share the elements of gratitude, happiness, and (most importantly) whiskey. As the world waits for this strange chapter in the human experience to end, do not wait around to make memories. Mail some samples to your friends, use technology to communicate and share. Get on a Zoom call with fellow whiskey enthusiasts. The day will soon come when we can all go back to “normal”, whatever that is.


No matter what, you must make a promise to your fellow whiskey enthusiasts that you will never miss another opportunity to share whiskey, friends, and shenanigans. Now go make it happen!