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Crystal Chasse, Scotch Whisky Ambassador, Bacardi

As the Whiskey Network continues to champion women in whiskey, shaping the global whiskey market in their day-to-day professional activities, this month we’re excited to feature Becky Paskin, Founder of  OurWhisky Foundation. This non-profit was established to recognize, support and empower these women while promoting a supportive culture amongst the worldwide whiskey enthusiasts community. 

Crystal Chas(s)es Her Dreams

Growing up in Massachusetts as one of seven kids, Crystal learned at an early age to go after what she wanted.  In high school, she used her KFC job money towards a trip to London, Dublin, and Edinburgh. In college, while studying abroad at Stirling University in Scotland, her first memorable spirit would be Sambuca, the perfect pregame spirit for college students on a budget. One of those friends would end up giving her a place to stay when she decided to move to the West Coast.

The San Francisco cocktail scene was the opposite of serving people with moments of spontaneous line dancing thrown in (which she had done back home at Texas Roadhouse.)  After taking a written test at her new job, Crystal knew she needed to level up from what she joked was her “Chili’s-Chambord-Margarita-with-the-sugar-rim” palate. She credits the training and support of her team led by Kevin Diedrich (an industry professional recognized and 2020 Bartender-Operator of the Year by Nightclub & Bar); his program featured weekly brand training and regular tests on new menus. Off hours were spent at industry education sessions and local whiskey spots. Her next move was to the north shore of Kaui in Hawaii as a Beverage Program manager for a bar owned by the man who declared “I don’t wanna work/I just want to bang on the drum all day”. But for Crystal, a self-identified workaholic, after a brief return to San Francisco, the next stop was New York City. 


Hawaii taught Crystal the importance of taking it slow, but New York City was more her speed. Her decision to move coincided with an open spot at the [sadly now shuttered] Seamstress cocktail bar. [Stroke of serendipity: Crystal was slinging drinks at my Corsets & Cocktails, promoting small women-owned businesses that also featured two of our past Women in Whiskey Profiles: Grace Dickash, Angel’s Envy (September 2020) Julia Ritz-Toffoli, Women Who Whiskey (January 2021).]

An active member of the NYC bar community, she participated in multiple cocktail competitions including Speed Rack, a highspeed female bartending competition that has raised over $1 million dollars for breast cancer research charities.

When Crystal saw Bacardi needed a Single Malt Brand Ambassador, she went for it. We chatted about the challenges of the job including how crucial it is to be the right fit with the brand in a close-knit team. Bartending in different locations has been key to her commitment to supporting bars and restaurants. 

Crystal is also excited to showcase whisky by their Master of Malts, Stephanie Macleod. Stephanie is the 7th Master Blender of Dewar’s and is also responsible for their single malts and. She was the first woman to win the IWC Master Blender Award in 2019 and then won it again in both 2020 and 2021! She is an inspiration.

Bacardi’s Single Malt Portfolio

While these are all used to make Dewar’s, each whisky has its own history and signature flavor profile. 

Aberfeldy “The Golden Dram”

Known for its sweetness and honey notes as well as a longer fermentation time, this is considered the heart of the Dewar’s blend. Its Barrels and Bees program launched in 2018 dedicated to bee advocacy, education and support of the bee population in general.  

It is produced at a currently operating distillery constructed by Dewar & Sons in 1896 on the site of a former brewery. This was the only Scotch Whisky built by the family, a few miles from the birthplace of John Dewar. In addition to the standard Aberfeldy Tour, they also offer a Cask Tasting Tour, a Whisky and Chocolate Tour and a Connoisseur Tour

Flagship Aberfeldy 12: Scented with spices and honeyed plump fruits. Syrupy, with lots of vanilla and fudge, with a whisper of smoke on the finish.

Additional Core Expressions: Aberfeldy 16, Aberfeldy 21 

*Fun fact: If you look closely at the labels, each barrel is designed to portray an accurate Angel’s share. 

Craigellachie “The Bad Boy”

Made in the heart of Speyside, this whisky’s history began with partners Alexander Edward and Sir Peter Mackie, known names in the 1890s whisky industry and the result of the collective of merchants and blenders. They are one of the few distilleries using worm tubs to convert the vapor back into the liquid vs. the more commonly seen ‘shell and tube’ condensers and their grains are cooked in oil-fired kilns.

Flagship Craigellachie 13: Bonfire night – aromas of oozing toasted marshmallows, roasted pineapple and baked apples studded with cloves, with the tang of cordite lingering in the background.

Additional Core Expressions: Craigellachie 17, Craigellachie 23

The Deveron

Produced at Macduff Distillery, the most northeastern distillery in Scotland juxta positioned between the River Deveron and the North Sea that boast three spirits stills and two wash stills.

Flagship The Deveron 10: Down by the shoreline where spindrift flies, in taverns hoachin’ with coastal folk, Liquid rites share this tasty trove of toffee, crisp apples and creamy oak.

Additional Core Expressions: The Deveron 12, The Deveron 18

Royal Brackla

The first whisky distillery granted a Royal Warrant by King William IV in 1833 (i.e., chosen to be his whisky at court.) Located on the Cawdor Estate, these whiskies are fruity with rich sherried notes as every expression is finished in the first-fill sherry casks from Spain.


Royal Brackla 12 (Oloroso sherry finish)

Royal Brackla 18 (Palo Cortado sherry finish)

Royal Brackla 21 (Combination Oloroso, Palo Cortado, and Pedro Ximénez)


Aultmore’s name is derived from the Gaelic An t-Allt Mòr for “big burn”, not for its flavor profile as you might think considering its distillery’s proximity to large amounts of peat in an area known as Foggie Moss but as an homage to the Auchinderran burn, its water source. Water was also its energy source for the water wheel that powered it before the use of a steam engine. 

Flagship Aultmore 12: Crisp apples, pears, and delicate florals. 

Additional Core Expressions: Aultmore 18, Aultmore 21

[Pic: Last Great Single Malts – please include photo credit for Michael Kubat if used]

If you’re new to these expressions (or whisky in general, here are Crystal’s responses to our “If you like this..” game.


Vodka Soda, try an Aberfeldy Elderflower Highball. 

Scotch and elderflower are a beautiful pairing and the addition of soda water makes the drink dance on your palate

Cosmopolitan, try a Scotch Jungle Bird! 

Pineapple and lime give you the fruity brightness and the addition of a bitter orange liqueur will give you a similar rosy color! (Or if you are in New York, the Young Blood at Dead Rabbit is AMAZINING!)

Gin and Tonic, try an Aberfeldy and Tonic! 

Truly an underrated highball. You still get the quinine and sweetness from the tonic and then the beautiful honey notes in the Aberfeldy shine through.

Tequila, try The Deveron Whisky! 

It is a beautiful maritime scotch. The salinity paired with the grassier notes of The Deveron really do play beautifully together and, to me, would definitely be something a Tequila drinker would enjoy.

Mezcal, try a Craigellachie Old Fashioned! Craigellachie isn’t peated, but the process of drying the malts uses an oil furnace which creates a much more robust scotch that I think mezcal drinkers would love!

Full-Bodied Red or White wine, try Aberfeldy 18 Côte-Rôtie Finish. Our Master of Malt Stephanie Macleod finishes an 18-year Aberfeldy in Côte-Rôtie barrels from France. The wine barrel finish adds in some luscious fruit notes like cherry and blackberry with a touch of peppery quality that balances the honey and vanilla of the Scotch.

Rosé, try the Brigadoon Cocktail! Scotch shaken with apricot liqueur, lemon and a touch of orgeat! It’ll have the fruity brightness a Rosé drinker might enjoy.

But if you love whisky and want to try out a cocktail, Crystal recommends:

Bee Mine

1.5 oz Aberfeldy 12yr
1 oz Espresso
.5 oz Salted Honey Syrup*

 Glass: Coupe

Garnish: 3 Espresso Beans

Method: Add Aberfeldy, salted honey and espresso to shaker tin, add ice and shake vigorously for 20-30 seconds. Strain into a coupe glass and garnish with 3 espresso beans for health, wealth and happiness.

*Salted Honey Syrup: 5oz honey, 2.5oz warm water with 2 pinches of sea salt

Join us next month for a special edition Women in Whiskey featuring the women of Brown-Forman celebrating Women’s History Month AND our Two-Year Anniversary Issue!

"Whisky is liquid sunshine."

George Bernard Shaw

“The light music of whiskey falling into a glass – an agreeable interlude.”

James Joyce

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