September 27, 2023 2:50 pm

A Bold Drink For a Trekkie

One of my favorite shows growing up was Star Trek: The Next Generation.  I looked forward to it every week as me and my friends sat around the television debating the Klingon Civil War and Q Continuum. My favorite character was a Klingon named Worf.  For those that don’t know Klingons are sort of like a Viking crossed with a Mongol having a bad day.  In short, they are badass.  In one episode, Worf is having a conversation about spirits with a race inspired by the Irish.  The man asks for a whiskey and is immediately appalled.  “It has no bite”, he exclaims.  Worf calmly asks the computer to produce “Chech’tluth”, Klingon for ‘bold drink’.  It nearly knocks the faux-Irishman off his feet as he exclaims, “Now that’s what I call a wee drop of the creature!”.  I present to you my interpretation that I hope would make a Klingon proud. 



Flavor Profile: Rich and Strong 


2 oz Barrel Strength Bourbon; I used Elijah Craig Barrel Proof

1/2 oz Demerara Simple Syrup

1/4 oz Crème de Cassis

3 muddled lemon wedges

Top off with Red Wine; I used Amarone


Muddle the lemon wedges at the bottom of a Boston shaker.  Add ice.  Add all the other ingredients minus the red wine.  Shake until chilled.  Strain over a smoked large rocks glass over a large ice cube.    Top with red wine.

Garnish:  None

My Take:

A bourbon smash for Klingons is the best way to describe my Chech’tluth.  It’s strong; however, the cocktail is balanced by the rich demerara syrup and Crème de Cassis which work wonderfully with red wine.  I used Amarone as it’s got residual sugar which I think this drink needs.  It’s also a very high ABV red wine so it’s perfect for this drink.  I went back and forth on lemon or lime, but I feel lemon works a little better here.  Both are fine.  Finally, it wouldn’t be Chech’tluth without some smoke so make sure that glass gets a good amount before straining the cocktail.

Music Pairing:

Danzig “Twist of Cain” Danzig (Def American) 1988

While I could recommend Klingon opera, that’s not really my thing.  Mr. Danzig is part Klingon, though, so we’re covered.  



"Whisky is liquid sunshine."

George Bernard Shaw

“The light music of whiskey falling into a glass – an agreeable interlude.”

James Joyce

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