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Athyr Single Malt Lebanese Whisky

Athyr Single Malt Lebanese Whisky Cask Strength –  New York Exclusive

An Exclusive bottling for the Empire State: Double Distilled,

  • 55% ABV
  • Non-Chill-filtered
  • Un-colored

Aged 6 years in terra-cotta clay pots with New Charred Lebanese Oak (Quercus Libini) branches placed in them.

​Produced by the Riachi Winery/Distillery established in 1839, by Moses Riachi. The barley is grown in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon and floor malted at the distillery.

Bottle # 154 of 192 of Batch 1

$141 w/tax at Park Ave. Liquors. NYC


This is a very interesting whisky. It is the first time I have experienced toasted butterscotch and I found it very nice. As a cask strength whisky water changes things and in this case makes it more complex to my tastebuds.

I liked the dryness and the red pepper note with one drop of water added. I also liked how a small drop of water rounded the butterscotch note, which created a new butterscotch experience for me.

It was also interesting that a pepper note rose above a medium alcohol burn to add complexity on the palate with a small drop of water. The water did not harm this whisky.

Tasted Neat

Score: 95/100
Color: Mahogany, a nice ring with legs runnings slowly

Score: 90/100
Nice toasted butterscotch note

Score 95/100
Toasted butterscotch passes thru to the palate with a creamy mouthfeel.

Score: 90/100
Very dry and light with a mouthwatering sense

Overall Score: 92.5/100

With one drop of spring water

Similar to Neat

Score: 95/100
Toasted note on arrival which lingers, slight alcohol burn with a dry airy sense as I swirl it around. There is a Red pepper spice note as well.

Sharply spicy yet there is a dry sense developing into a mouthwatering sense

1/2 of a dropper of spring water

Score: 95/100
Rounded toasted butterscotch more subdued with a hint of creamy sweetness

Score: 95/100
Medium mouthfeel with a pepper note even with the toasted butterscotch. Some alcohol burn rises as I swirl it, but a pepper note rises above it

Score: 98/100
Very Hot on my tongue but it quickly dries to a peppery mouthwatering sense. A light spearmint note comes through in the end.

"Whisky is liquid sunshine."

George Bernard Shaw

“The light music of whiskey falling into a glass – an agreeable interlude.”

James Joyce

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