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Bardstown Bourbon Co. Discovery Series #10

In Discovery #10, the Bardstown Bourbon Company has blended three bourbons from Kentucky and one each from Tennessee and Georgia.

It is 57.12% ABV/114.24 Proof, Suggested Retail Price: $139.99 with 3,500 9 Liter cases available.

The three Kentucky expressions are from 6-13 yrs. old. The Tennessee and Georgia bourbons are each 10 yrs. old.

The Age and Mash Bills are:

  • Kentucky #1 – 9 yrs. old; 78% Corn, 13% Rye, 9% Malted Barley;
  • Kentucky #2 – 13 yrs. old; 75% Corn, 13% Rye, 12% Malted Barley;
  • Kentucky #3 – 6 yrs. old 53% Corn, 26% Rye, 21% Malted Barley.
  • Tennessee Bourbon – 10 yrs. old, 84% Corn, 8% Rye, 8%;
  • Georgia bourbon – 10 yrs. old, 80% Corn, 10% Rye, 5% Wheat, 5% Malted Barley.

The blending ratios:

  • Kentucky #1 is 62%
  • Kentucky #2 18%
  • Kentucky #3 8%
  • Georgia Bourbon, 10%;
  • Tennessee Bourbon, 2%

Tasting Notes and Scoring

Overall Score: 95.75

COLOR: Golden Brown with a nice ring; legs running slowly with some beads.
Score: 98/100

NOSE: Rich caramel
Score: 95/100

PALATE: Black pepper arrival, with a smokey sense and light char. There is a light silky mouthfeel. There is also another pleasant note I cannot identify.
Score: 95/100

FINISH: Very Dry with a very light pepper around the walls of my mouth; resolving to a mouthwatering sense.
Score: 95/100

With one drop of spring water

Overall Score: 95

NOSE: Light sweet vanilla with a dusty corn note
Score: 95/100

PALATE: Sweet char arrival, a bit of a burn as it sits on my tongue which dissipates as I swirl it. The pleasant sweet char note remains as I swirl it. There is also a dry sense in the spirit
Score: 95/100

FINISH: Light and drying with pepper tingling the tip of my tongue followed by a mouth watering sense; a sweet cream note late.
Score: 95/100

With 2 drops of spring water

Overall Score: 95

NOSE: Light wood shavings with a hint of dusty corn
Score: 95/100

PALATE: Sweet char arrival similar to with one drop of water. There is also a more intense burn if I leave it sitting, but that goes away as I swirl it. In swirling a pure wood char note arises which does not have the sweetness, but is still pleasant. The mouthfeel is medium.
Score: 95/100

FINISH: Very drying with light pepper. The dryness is almost like I did not have liquid in my mouth before. This resolves to a mouthwatering sense and a bit of a buttered corn note if I breathe in.
Score: 95/100

Final Notes

This is an excellent bourbon. It was complex in various ways from neat through two drops of water. The slight alcohol burn with water is the only drawback, but I get that with many whiskies so it may just be me. This is a very enjoyable bourbon.

"Whisky is liquid sunshine."

George Bernard Shaw

“The light music of whiskey falling into a glass – an agreeable interlude.”

James Joyce

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