Allen Brody


All Time Favorite Whiskey

70s and 80’s Single Malts


Daily Pour

Highland Park 18


Whiskey Story

Allen is passionate in whatever hobby or diversion captures his interest.  In early 2000 after giving up smoking and letting go of his 1500 cigars and custom 6’ tall humidor he was left with his few bottles of Port and 1 bottle of scotch whisky he paired his cigars with, Chivas Brothers Royal Salute 21 year old.

In or about 2002 he attended a tasting of single malt whiskies which sparked a new passion.  He looked for others locally that shared that passion but found that finding a local group was elusive at best.  In 2004 he joined a group on Facebook that had just started with a few dozen members called Scotch Addict. Allen shared stories of hunting whisky bottles in mom and pops stores, to party stores, to box stores, wherever his travels took him and started writing whisky reviews in the group.  He had in short order became the face of the group as well as co-owner. The members started calling him “The Whisky Hunter” and the moniker stuck. Further coaxing from members to move into social media, he started a YouTube channel, Instagram, Blog and spread the love of whisky with others.  As of the beginning of 2020 the group is approaching 30,000 members and is noted as one of if not the largest scotch whisky groups on Facebook today.    

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