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October 2020

Caldwell cigars have some of the nicest bands in the cigar game today. Outstanding colour schemes with shiny embossed designs are usually what you’ll find on a Caldwell offering, easily catching the eye and reflecting deliberate and thoughtful creative execution. It’s doubly satisfying once the cigar is smoked and you find out the quality of the blend matches the quality of the visuals. 

All Out Kings is a collaboration between Caldwell Cigars and Drew Estate and is one of my favorite Nicaraguan blends. If you’re a fan of either of these companies, I highly recommend sourcing some of these beautiful cigars.

Visual / Pre-light Draw

Caldwell / Drew Estate All Out Kings

Vitola: Foreverlast (6 ½” x 54 RG)

Wrapper: Connecticut River Valley stalk cut & sun cured Habano
Binder: Indonesian Sumatra
Filler: Connecticut Broadleaf Ligero, Dominican Corona 98 Seco, Nicaragua Esteli Viso, Nicaragua Jalapa viso.

Origin Country - Nicaragua

Average Price: 15 USD

The wrapper is a dark-roasted coffee brown with pronounced veins and a nice oil sheen. The richness of the wrapper goes perfectly with the colours and design of the band, coming together to form a cohesive presentation of class and deep flavour.

Construction seems sound and there are no signs of faulty rolling or cracks. A well made cigar all around.


After a nice, straight cut, I drew on the cigar, receiving a nice hint of chocolate and cereal.

First Third

All Out Kings opened with notes of chocolate, coffee, honey, and nut, and didn’t stray far from that profile for most of the first third of the cigar. The burn was impressively even and no touch-ups were required. The draw was also near perfection, all signs of a well made cigar.

Second / Final Third

As the cigar burned down, the sweeter notes subsided and made room for cereal notes, amplified coffee and cocoa notes, and a malty pepper that gave a nice kick to the palate. While not overly complex, the profile really satisfies the senses. 

The final stretch was much of the same, with some added earth in the mix. The pepper note was slightly stronger and the flavours became somewhat one-dimensional. Like I mentioned earlier, this is by no means a complex blend, but it sure is an enjoyable one. Truly a rich and satisfying cigar.

The Pairing:

To pair with All Out Kings, I chose a new addition to my whisky cabinet, Longrow from the Springbank distillery. It is a beautifully peated whisky that is oily, salty, smoky, and fruity, with hints of vanilla and honey. The substantial oil of the whisky absorbed the complementing notes of the cigar smoke making my mouth water with each draw. Truly an excellent pairing and one that I will be returning to shortly. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this bottle and have to say, I’m impressed by its depth and character. If you enjoy peated whiskies and a nice full-bodied cigar, do yourself a favour and try this combination. 

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