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Vol 14 April 2021

Bardstown Bourbon Company Fusion series 4
Bardstown Bourbon Company Fusion series 4


Bourbon Spirit:

Bill and Chad’s Excellent Adventure at 

Bardstown Bourbon Company

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The Speakeasy:


Geoff Tate:

The Whiskey Network Interview

Join us as we discuss his love of whiskey, travel, and good conversation.

The World of Single Malt Scotch 

Japanese Whisky - The History, Controversy, and Where It’s Heading

Japan might not have the longest history of whisky making, but it has an interesting one. 

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Elizabeth McCall was celebrated for her promotion from Master Taster to Assistant Master Distiller at Woodford Reserve ...But it was another type of celebration that kicked off her whiskey career - her brother’s high school graduation party...

The Side Car

The 10 Types of People Who Work for a Whiskey Magazine

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Jackie Zykan: Making Herstory at Old Forester

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Slane: Saints, Whiskey, and Rock’n’Roll

Slane Castle, located in the Boyne Valley, overlooking the River Boyne, in County Meath, Ireland, has a fascinating history. From ties to Saint Patrick himself to rock’n’roll legends and even faeries, it features with us today thanks to its recent foray into whiskey production. But don’t worry, we’ll touch on the other cool stories, too!

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Heads, Hearts, and Whiskey Tales:

Old Fashioneds Make New Friends 

The Cocktail Club

Smokestack Lightnin’


Adding smoke to a cocktail can be achieved in different ways, but nothing beats the visual impact of seeing the smoke rise from the glass, and VELEP’s Cocktail Smoking Box is a great way to do this. 

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Julia Child can keep her wine, we have whiskey


Sippin' with Stogies

Archetype The Master 

Nuts, mahogany, and semi-sweet chocolate defined the first third...

Royal Oak 

...flavors started blooming like a Russian nesting doll.

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Whisk(e)y Reviews

Blue Spot Irish Whiskey 


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