Bobby Long


All Time Favorite Whiskey

 Barrel Bourbon Single Barrel 9 years


Daily Pour

Booker’s and Wild Turkey Rarebreed


Whiskey Story

A self-proclaimed high proof enthusiast. He began his drinking a long time ago and quickly climbed to the higher proof pours.  With a bachelors degree from Westminster College in political science and minor in history he has worked with spectrum disorder kids and adults for 10 years.  Bobby has always been drawn to high proofs, seeing him drinking Everclear straight from the bottle was a common sight on Saturday evenings at Theta Chi’s Zeta Lambda chapter.  Having always been drawn to straight liquor this led to plenty of Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Black Velvet, and Wild Turkey 101 before turning to more complex whiskeys in his mid 20’s. 


His whiskey obsession started with Booker’s and Jefferson’s Reserve. Bobby is a huge fan of bourbon and more recently rye whiskeys with much to learn yet about scotch. The sweet heat of bourbon and rye is Bobby’s biggest draw. When not working with kids or having a glass with friends Bobby is probably fishing, playing video games, shooting targets, playing basketball or spending time with his wife and daughter. Bobby is easily identified as the short opinionated guy that is on a mission to find the richest most complex whiskeys the world has to offer.