Charlie Turner


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Whiskey Story

It’s hard to identify when Charlie’s love for whiskey took hold. It certainly wasn’t in his late teens or early twenty’s when our now favorite spirit took it’s greatest toll!  His more recent experience some years ago was after trying a barrel pick in an Annapolis bar that bourbon saw renewed traction.  Fast forward to today and his collection consists of far more open bottles than not. Embracing bourbon for its taste and its heritage, good ryes are a close second to his passion.  Even so, he agrees with most of us that it’s best enjoyed when shared with others.  Blind tastings, humbling as they are, are a favorite source of entertainment and helping new enthusiast find their way is always a pleasure.  Snobbery needs to take a back seat and new drinkers need to learn to appreciate what’s available long before they chase the unicorns!

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