Leaf Speak

July 2020

Trinidad is a wonderful Cuban cigar brand which was originally only produced for diplomats and dignitaries. In 1998 the brand was finally released to the public in one size, the Fundadores, and has deservingly become a favorite among cigar enthusiasts. Trinidad has since added to its portfolio and the permanent range now consists of the Coloniales, Fundadores, Reyes, and Vigia. Today, I will be enjoying and reviewing the beautiful Vigia, and have chosen to pair it with a stunning single malt, The Original 10 from Glenmorangie. 

Trinidad Vigia

Vitola: Torres 6 1/2 x 54

Wrapper: Cuba 
Binder: Cuba
Filler: Cuba

Origin Country- Cuba

Average Price: 30 CAD USD

Visual / Pre-light Draw

The Vigia is a short and stocky cigar that boasts a beautifully textured brown wrapper with faint veins and light oil sheen. It is well constructed and slightly springy to the touch but without any detectable voids or rolling issues. The Trinidad band is a gorgeous yellow and gold ornament which exudes luxury and prominence.

The wrapper and cold draw produced hints of hay, nuts, bread, and dry earth as the air flowed through with ease and comfort. 

First Third

The cigar opened with a smooth and creamy cereal note, nut, and the slightest hint of citrus, which made my mouth water and instantly put a smile on my face. I also found the lightest touch of what I can only describe as a melon-like flavour - honeydew, and more specifically, the bitterness you receive when you bite a bit too much of the rind. Strange, I know, but it was there. As the ash accumulated, notes of leather and almond emerge and round out the profile. 

Second / Final Third

The middle of the cigar saw hints of creamy coffee, white pepper, leather, and dry earth engage the palate and usher in a more medium-body than before. The almond background was still there, but the citrus was a faint memory. The burn was even and consistent and the draw and smoke production were ideal. Absolutely no need for any touch-ups or draw modification, just an enjoyable experience.

The final third of the cigar had heightened levels of nut, earth, cream, and leather and stayed in the light-to-medium body range which, as I become more accustomed and aware of my palate preferences, is right where I want to be. The cigar burned well throughout the session and displayed all the qualities of a well made product. I have to be honest, Trinidads have become one of my favourite cigars and it was an absolute joy to review the Vigia for you this month. This brand is outstanding with a morning cup of coffee and just as good with a well-crafted single malt. The versatility and enjoyment is second-to-none in my opinion and I hope to have my humidor stocked with these beauties for many years. While the Vigia isn’t a very long endeavour by any means, I prefer the Reyes with my morning cup. A perfect way to start, or end, any day. 

The Pairing:

I chose Glenmorangie The Original 10 for my whisky pairing. It is an outstanding Highland single malt matured in a combination of first and second fill American white oak casks. Much like the Vigia, it is creamy, smooth, and mouthwatering with notes of honey, citrus, vanilla, and nut.


I was hesitant to purchase this bottle, as I seem to mostly prefer Islay malts, but am I ever glad I did. It blew me away from my very first sip and it seems as though this malt and cigar were made for each other. I cannot wait to try more expressions from Glenmorangie.

One of my favourite guitarists, Alan Holdsworth, has an album named “The Sixteen Men of Tain” in honour of the Glenmorangie distillery. So press play on this outstanding record, light up a Vigia, and pour a dram of The Original 10, you will not be disappointed.