Leaf Speak

November 2020

Bolivar Belicosos Finos

Vitola: Campanas (5.5” x 52 RG)

Wrapper: Cuba
Binder: Cuba

Average Price: 25 USD

Visual / Pre-light Draw

The BBF wrapper is a beautiful brown that leans to the darker side of the spectrum and displays an appealing texture and satin finish. There is a slight oil sheen and there are ample veins that lead the eye to the elegant Bolivar band trimmed in gold. The dry draw reveals a smooth hint of cream and light wood aroma. Its construction indicates a high quality roll and no cracks or holes were observed. This is a visually appealing cigar and the dry draw hits my palate in all the right spots. We’re off to a great start.

First Third

After a light toasting of the foot and a few small draws, notes of pepper, cream, nut, and wood begin to appear. This is a very flavorful beginning and the smoke is rich and luxurious in the mouth. I quite enjoy a full-bodied cigar and this is an outstanding example of the depth of Bolivar.

Second / Final Third

With almost half the cigar gone, the ash is still holding on and displays an even burn consistent with the quality of the roll. So far no corrections have been required and the smoke production is very impressive. The depth and body of the blend is really hitting its stride and the hint of cream is now taking a backseat to pepper, nut, wood, and medium roasted coffee notes forming on the palate.

As I come to the end of this beautiful cigar the cream returns to round out the other notes in perfect harmony. While the pepper has slightly amplified, it never became overbearing and always allowed the other notes to share the palate. Throughout this experience, the BBF only required one touch up with the lighter and displayed an amazing depth that is sure to please the full-bodied aficionado.

The Pairing:

An excellent cigar deserves an excellent dancing partner, and the Bunnahabhain 12 single malt from the isle of Islay is a perfect candidate to accent the strengths of the impeccable Bolivar. It is a natural color, un-chillfiltered single malt aged for 12 years and has become one of my favorite drams. These two finely crafted items complement each other very well and form a wonderful union on the tongue. The malt is slightly smoky and slightly sweet with hints of darkened dried fruit, caramel, and nut, creating a wonderful foundation upon the palate to highlight and enhance the creamy pepper and woody notes of the smoke. Both the whisky and tobacco display a viscous richness that is very appealing to me and indicate a high quality of ingredients and craftsmanship. This pairing is one worth noting and is now one of my most enjoyable whisky and cigar experiences.


This vitola has quickly become one of my favorites, and this specific blend has secured a place in my humidor for many years to come. I absolute love everything about this cigar; the size, appearance, smoke production, and construction are all on point, and the flavor profile fits my palate perfectly. If I have the time for it, not many will beat the BBF to the cutter, especially with a tasty Bunnahabhain 12 dram on deck.