Leaf Speak

March 2021

Caldwell The King is Dead

Vitola: Toro (54 RG x 6”)

Wrapper: Dominican Negrito
Binder: Dominican Corojo
Filler: : Dominican Corojo Ligero, Dominican Negrito, Dominican grown Habano Vuelta Abajo

Origin Country - Dominican Republic

Average Price: 10 USD

Caldwell The King Is Dead _ Bruichladdic

Visual / Pre-light Draw

The Negrito wrapper is a rustic medium brown with impressively pronounced veins and the slightest oil sheen; a very fetching appearance to go along with the expertly designed band. Caldwell bands are consistently among the best on the market, and this one is no exception. A shiny embossed gold and black throne sits in the middle of a cream-colored backdrop with stylized border designs and the name of the cigar declared in a regal font. A truly exceptional design that makes a statement of class and distinction. 

The cigar is tightly rolled with no cracks or voids observed. The dry draw is smooth and easy, with just the right amount of resistance. Hints of cereal and nut hit the palate.

First Third

As the cigar is lit and the first few puffs touch the palate, hints of white pepper and chestnut emerge. A light dry hay flavor combines with a faint milk chocolate note forming a well-rounded introductory profile. The burn is even, and the draw is right where I like it. Smoke production is moderate.

Second Third

The cigar is still smoking like a champ as I reach the midpoint. A small touch-up here and there is required to even the burn but nothing severe or concerning. More to appease my OCD than to stop a runaway canoe. The milk chocolate is still present, but a creamed medium roast coffee is brought into the mix. The chestnut and white pepper lighten up a bit, and a buttery touch pleases the senses. 

Final Third

The King Is Dead finishes strong, and the profile evolved into a creamy, buttery chestnut filled with milk chocolate and accompanied by a medium roasted coffee with the slightest hint of white pepper. The pepper note started strong in the dry draw but evened out nicely as the cigar progressed. The burn was more than satisfactory, and there were no instances of a restricted flow. An excellent roll provided an enjoyable smoking experience with a consistent and pleasing level of smoke. I feel this is a medium-to-full bodied cigar and will easily be enjoyed by both the casual smoker, and the seasoned professional. This was my second last cigar from a box purchased a few years back, and I am going to desperately be searching for a replacement box. I really enjoy Caldwell cigars and highly recommend picking a few of these up. Gorgeous bands, and delectable blends. Enjoy!

The Pairing:

For the pairing, I chose one of my favourite unpeated Islay malts, Bruichladdich Islay Barley 2011. This whisky is aged for 6 years and matured in 75% ex-bourbon American oak casks and 25% ex-wine European oak casks. It comes in at 50% abv and has an outstanding oily texture, which is one of the most impressive things to me about Bruichladdich malts. It embodies a luxurious and high-quality mouthfeel, and I just love it. Floral and fruit notes of honeysuckle and apricot are accompanied by a nice light vanilla hint and an apple crisp dessert-like flavor. The oak rounds out and grounds the sweet malt as this profile provides an amazing pairing for the mouth-watering taste of the cigar. Another truly exceptional pairing, and one that I will not soon forget.