Brett Mullins


All Time Favorite Whiskey

Talisker 18


Daily Pour


Whiskey Story

Brett Mullins is a musician and singer with a passion for whisky that began approximately eleven years ago, in 2010.  He began his journey with scotch and it remains his first love.  His first experiences with scotch, Glenlivit 12 and Johnny Walker Swing, only fed a desire to try more. Brett also drinks rye, bourbon, blended whiskey, cognac, rum, and mezcal.  Although he enjoys them all, none ignite him like scotch.  Brett follows a philosophy of experiencing whisky in as many different expressions as possible and sees every taste of whiskey as worthwhile, regardless of his ultimate opinion of it.  Brett seeks out whisky from many countries and has documented tasting over 800 different expressions.

As a lifelong history buff the historical aspects of whiskey, both in Europe and America, are fascinating to Brett and only add to this fulfilling hobby.  

Brett resides near the center of the U.S., where bourbon is more common than scotch.  None the less, he seeks out new and different Scotch whisky daily, in order to expand his knowledge and to find those most interesting drams worthy of sharing with other enthusiast around the world.  


Choosing a favorite among all the whiskies is impossible.  But, among standard production bottlings, Brett considers Talisker 18 close to the perfect representation of scotch.

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