Sippin' with Stogies

April 2021


Origin Country: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Nicaraguan

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Vitola: Toro (6” x 54 RG)

Price: $15

Visual / Pre-light Draw

The Master sports a dark roasted coffee brown wrapper with subtle veins and a hint of oil sheen. The construction has been solid and consistent in the three cigars I consumed for this review, and there are no visible cracks or noticeable voids in the roll.

The band is a gorgeous royal blue with shiny silver accents and a picture of Carl Jung in the centre. To round out the Special Edition presentation is a shiny silver foot band which is adorned with the Archetype logo and name.

The pre-light draw offered me hints of chestnut and sawdust.

First Third

Nuts, mahogany, and semi-sweet chocolate defined the first third on my palate. After a light toast and first few mouthfuls of smoke, the cigar burned perfectly with not a single touch-up or correction required. I was very impressed by this as all three exhibited the same performance, and that can be a rare happenstance for handmade products of any kind.

Second Third

As the cigar slowly turned to ash, the perfect burn line showed no signs of wavering, the draw was free, and smoke was plenty; signs of an outstanding roll with some beautifully cured tobaccos. Notes of brown sugar, light pepper, and oak joined the party and provided an excellent evolution to the nuts, wood, and chocolate from the previous third. This full-bodied cigar is checking all the right boxes for me, and I find myself thinking about purchasing a full box before even hitting the final stretch. 

Final Third

The final third saw notes of roasted chestnut, intensified pepper, and muted brown sugar combine with the wood and chocolate to form a very pleasing and immersive flavor profile. This is my first cigar from Archetype, and if The Master is any indication of the quality and blending prowess of the other cigars in their stable, I will be diligently seeking them out and reporting back on my findings. The cigar burned perfectly the whole way through, the draw was right where you want it, and the flavors were masterfully crafted. A superb cigar for the price, and one that I will most definitely be seeking a full box of.  

The Pairing:

For the pairing, I chose a new-to-me Canadian whisky: Lot No. 40 Dark Oak 100% Rye. This edition comes in at 48% abv and is a darkened caramel color. Notes of clove, brown sugar, darkened fruit, charred oak, and light peppermint slide across the palate and provide an excellent companion to the superbly balanced profile of the cigar. This complementary pairing is an amazing example of collaboration, as the shared notes of both the cigar and whisky were amplified on the palate, making for a pleasurable and distinctive experience. I highly recommend both of these products, especially if you’re a Nicaraguan tobacco devotee, and further recommend pairing the two. You will not be disappointed.