Hazel Alvarado


All Time Favorite Whiskey

Bruichladdich Black Art 1990


Daily Pour

Redbreast 12


Whiskey Story

Hazel Alvarado is a whiskey geek that shares whiskey love and knowledge both personally with friends and professionally through her company, Whiskey With Me. Her event experience ranges from intimate tastings to large scale industry and consumer events including Whisky Live, Whiskey Extravaganza, Whiskey Fried Classic, Indie Spirits Expo, and Water of Life. As part of the Bartender Journey Podcast, Hazel reported on events, interviewed industry professionals and helped publish Cocktails Made Simple: Easy & Delicious Recipes for the Home Bartender. Her whiskey journey has included adventures in Scotland, Ireland, England, France, and most of the Eastern US coast including Rhode Island, Maryland, Kentucky, South Carolina, and Tennessee as well as the Bahamas (!). Hazel has been featured on the Scotch Malt Whisky Society page, organized Whisky + Books events and continues to enjoys both new whiskeys with the Manhattan Whiskey Club and favorites paired with cigars at Fine Tobacco NYC events.