I am a title 03

Julia Menn

All Time Favorite Whiskey

Glenfiddich 15 straight from the Solera Vat

Daily Pour

Jameson Black Barrel 

Whiskey Story

Julia’s introduction to whiskey was in the form of pickle-back shots at an Irish sports bar in NYC. Thankfully, that didn’t put her off the spirit for too long. After visiting Ireland and Scotland, she finally came ‘round to Uisga Beatha and is now a passionate imbiber of that divine golden nectar. Footloose and fancy free, she’s jaunted the world several times, always searching for new experiences to share, whether regaling personally or writing online. 


The Wee Tipple, LLC was created as a way to share her passion and excitement for Whisk(e)y (and wine) with a broader audience, via in-person and virtual tastings and events.  Her background in theatre coupled with a global perspective make understanding Whisk(e)y easy and fun! Julia is a certified Scotch Whisky Ambassador, Gin Ambassador, and has acquired several certifications from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET). Her thirst for knowledge almost matches her thirst for a good dram. Slàinte Mhath!