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February 2021


Woodford Reserve Partners with Phillip Ashley for Valentine’s Day

Watch the live tasting video on our Youtube channel here.


Woodford Reserve Assistant Master Distiller Elizabeth McCall designed a tasting guide that includes 3 different Phillip Ashley Chocolates paired with Woodford Double Oaked Bourbon. The twice barreled bourbon is known for its rich flavor profile full of sweet aromatic notes. The chocolates have been designed by renowned Memphis Tennessee chef, Philip Ashley Rix, to accentuate specific characteristics of the bourbon, with a white chocolate, a milk chocolate with almond, and a sea salt dark chocolate. “Chef Phillip is a true master. He did an extraordinary job bringing all of the flavors found in Woodford Reserve Double Oaked to life,” McCall said. “By focusing on the non-sweet aromatic notes in the bourbon – wood, grain, spice, fruit, and floral – he provides an elegant way to train the palate to taste these nuances.”

Phillip Ashley’s Double Oaked–inspired offerings are hand painted in beautiful jewel tones and include: white chocolate with a strawberry smash, milk chocolate with orange and vanilla bean, blond chocolate with caramel apple finished with sea salt, and a maple infused dark chocolate.


The chocolates will be used in special bourbon tasting events around the country. A special Double Oaked and chocolate tasting event will be held at Woodford Reserve Distillery in February, as well. Bill and Chad participated in one of these events live on WBSE with Assistant Master Distiller Elizabeth McCall. Please click the link above to view that extraordinary experience.


“Woodford Reserve Double Oaked has long been a favorite drink of mine,” Chef Ashley said. “These chocolates I created highlight the incredible flavors in the bourbon and transform the tasting experience.”


Additionally, Woodford Reserve will launch a sweepstakes on the brand’s Instagram page (@woodfordreserve) to give away two boxes of chocolates to 20 winners. The winners will also be invited to an exclusive private virtual tasting experience with Mcall and Rix.