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December 2020



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Glendronach has released another phenomenal whisky in there popular lineup. The Glendronach Single Malt Port Wood was, released on November 9th 2020

I had the unique experience of participating in a “Virtual Tasting” which featured Wine Educator May Matta Aliah. May provided enlightening insights into fortified wines, of which the barrels are used in the finishing process for Glendronach. We received the Port Wood sample, along with a Portuguese loaf of bread and a wheel of Portuguese sheep’s milk cheese for pairing. It was an absolutely wonderful experience.

“The Glendronach Distillery was established in 1826 by founder James Allardice, at a time when both sherry and port were ‘de riguer’, with the finest port pipes traveling along Portugal’s Douro River, destined for the wine cellars of Scotland." High Society Master Blender Dr. Rachel Barrie has done a remarkable job with this rich and fruity expression! Dr. Barrie said, ”The Glendronach means ‘valley of the brambles' in old Scots Gaelic. Glendronach celebrates this heritage with a Portuguese twist on their revered Pedro Ximenez and Oloroso sherry cask maturation. The extra maturation in Port casks gives the whisky a deep cheery wood color."

Now, most of you know, I am generally a bourbon fan. However, my recent journey into the Scotch world has been very rewarding. This one in particular, has piqued my interest even more. So, what did we find? 


  • No age statement

  • Distilled, blended, and aged at the Glendronach Distillery, Scotland

  • Single Malt finished in Pedro Ximenez and Oloroso sherry casks, with final maturation in Port cask

  • Bottled at 46% ABV ( 92 proof)



Nose: 95/100 

  • Pleasant ripe plum greets immediately, followed by strawberry jam, Raspberry, raisin, dried fruits, cherry pipe tobacco, and fading into hints of sandalwood.  

Palate: 95/100

  • Rich plum and layers of dried fruits like blackberry, cherry, and strawberry jam.

Finish: 95/100

  • Very long and fruity finish, with a hint of citrus peel and cherry pipe tobacco.


Must Try!


Definitely a buy when you can find it! At SRP of $90 this is a must have in your lineup, especially for the holidays. I personally found this to be one of the best finished Scotchs’ that I have ever tried! It is delightful from nose to finish and will find a place in my cabinet.