Captain Jack and Anne Bonne’s Love Child

February 2021

Where the love of mixology and good music combine

Black Sails is one of my favorite action dramas of recent years.  Not only does it have exceptional swashbuckling action sequences, the series really has tremendously memorable characters.  My two favorites are the inspiration for this cocktail.  Captain Jack Rackham and Anne Bonne are notorious outlaws; however, you can’t help but root for them.  Underdogs all the way; dealing with imminent death at any given moment, the relationship and chemistry these two develope during the series is something I never tire of watching.  I present to you product of that chemistry in cocktail form.    

Jack and Anne.jpg

Captain Jack and Anne


Bonne’s Love Child

Flavor Profile:  Baking spice with a refreshing tropical sweetness 




1 1/2 oz Foursquare Probitas Rum (or your favorite white rum; preferably without added sugars)

1/2 oz Knob Creek Single Barrel (or any high proof bourbon)

1/4 oz Armagnac

1/4 oz Honey Syrup (or a muddled cane sugar cube)

2 oz Coconut Milk




In a mixing glass combine all ingredients. Add ice. Stir for approximately one minute. Strain into a large rocks glass over an ice cube.


Garnish:  A generous helping of hazelnut grated over the top


My Take:


I wanted to capture what a pirate might drink for courage before going off on a boarding action, but soften that strength with Caribbean flavors as the mixers. These mixers keep the power of the liquors intact, while not doing anything to mess around with their purity. Many rums are notorious for using additives to increase their sweetness, but you can be rest assured that everything with a Foursquare label will be as unadulterated a rum as possible. Knob Creek Single Barrel delivers a full broadside of 120 proof bourbon to clear the decks, but you can always use your favorite high proof bourbon as a substitute. The Armagnac adds complexity to round out the two main spirits.    


The mixers really deliver that Caribbean flavor I wanted. Hazelnut and coconut water are two very common ingredients in the Bahamas with their baking spice and tropical flavors. Honey water is used here instead of simple syrup because I feel it is lighter in character, which fits the theme of allowing the spirits to shine forth. You can also use a muddled cane sugar cube in addition to, or in place of, the honey syrup. If you do decide to use simple syrup, go with demerara variety.  


Now, go grab your pistols and swords, sea dogs, and prepare for boarding!        


Music Pairing:


Flogging Molly “Seven Deadly Sins” Within a Mile of Home (SideOneDummy)


 Jam to this punk/celtic fusion while imbibing this strong cocktail, and you will commit seven deadly sins!