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July 2020


Maker's Mark Cask Strength

Age:        NAS

                 Batch 17-02

                 110.7 proof

Nose:         83/100

brown sugar, cinnamon,

vanilla and spice cake like

baking spices with honey leather

and very soft tobacco, oakey

tree bark, maple, and toffee

Palate:       81/100

sweet and thick with oak and

honey setting the stage for a

chewy vanilla and pops of soft cinnamon, a bit of maple syrup and a very faint note of caramel before a more full tasting toffee presence takes over


Finish:        85/100

sugary sweet with toasted wood and a pinch of vanilla marshmallows the leather is noticeable but stays sweet and chewy carrying flavor nicely, some cinnamon before going to a maple like toffee with caramel and a touch of creamed corn


Overall: 83/100 

One of the most consistent and readily accessible high proof wheated bourbons on the market. Makers cask strength is a good whiskey with alot to offer. The sweet notes of cinnamon and baking spices highlight a generally soft friendly profile. I do think it lacks a bit of pop compared to other barrel proof offerings.  This whiskey deserves credit for delivering a fun wheated profile with spice and quality all while making enough of it for everyone to have multiple bottles. 


Buy it now!


Priced at a reasonable 50-60$ this is a true wheated delight. The flavors for me definitely fit the price range and if you watch many times it goes even lower than this. The body of the whiskey is tasty and the depth is enough to amuse most bourbon fans. If you tend to like wheated bourbon this is one you nee to try. If you don't like wheated bourbon but wonder about Maker's Mark I think this is big enough and bold enough for almost any high proof whiskey drinker to appreciate.

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