Mike Toron


All Time Favorite Whiskey

Willet 4 Year Rye


Daily Pour

Whatever suits me at that moment from top shelf to basic bottles as I have 65 – 80 bottles continuously open at any given time


Whiskey Story

Mike often heads to grab a particular pour but ends up with something else.  A lifelong student and longtime whiskey lover, drinker, and collector who has long shared whiskey with friends both far and near, Mike has the goal of having roughly enough whiskey to last three decades or so.   Groups such as Whiskey Bourbon Scotch Enthusiasts as well as his local Long Island Whiskey Society have greatly expanded upon finding other whiskey lovers/ friends some that literally live only minutes away.

 Mike is a competitive shooter USPSA and IDPA, a past Master Valley Stream Lodge 1143 and a 32 degree member of Scottish Rite. He is an avid year round boater – some years out over 100 times over the 12 month period, despite what the weather throws at him.

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