Mindy Schwartz


All Time Favorite Whiskey

Balvenie 30  


Daily Pour

Bruichladdich Classic Laddie or WT101


Whiskey Story

Mindy has been with Whiskey Bourbon Scotch Enthusiasts since the beginning. She remembers when hitting 300 members was a big celebration. After stepping into a moderator roll for the group she was invited to help out with the magazine as well. Mindy used to have over 300 bottles of whiskey tucked away and now has a more realistic collection of around 75 or so. She realized that whiskey is meant to be drank and shared with friends, not stored on a shelf and stared at. Gravitating more towards Scotch than anything else her favorite distilleries are The Balvenie and Bruichladdich. She hopes to make the trip overseas one day.  Mindy’s hobbies include long distance shooting, hunting, art, cooking and of course a good glass of whisk(e)y!