February 2021


The Book

The story of Prohibition and the Temperance Movement is part of America’s folklore. The Temperance Movement was largely fueled by women. Without events such as the Women’s Crusade and the Women’s Christian Temperance Union (WTCU), national Prohibition most likely never would have come to be.  


While women largely did support Prohibition, women were also extremely instrumental in the repeal of Prohibition. The story of the women who aggressively sought the end of Prohibition does not get properly told in the history books.


If you are interested in the story of the “other women” of Prohibition, I suggest you read Kenneth D. Rose’s “American Women and the Repeal of Prohibition.”

If you only consult the history books used in public schools, you are led to think women were one unified bloc when it comes to Prohibition. The WTCU would have you think that the organization spoke for all American women. This book tells the story of Pauline Mortin Sabin (of the Morton salt family) and the Women’s Organization for National Prohibition Reform. The WONPR was largely made up of upper-class women associated with the Republican Party. Many of the WONPR members had originally lobbied for the passage of Prohibition. The WONPR was full of prominent women who believed that Prohibition was a good idea, if only it worked. These women saw that Prohibition did not work and was breeding disrespect and contempt for the law among their children. Their response was to end Prohibition in order to save respect for law. Sabin would eventually grow the WONPR’s membership roll to greater than that of the WCTU, making it clear that WTCU certainly did not speak for all women.


The Dram

Knob Creek 12 Year bourbon has been a controversial bottle among bourbon lovers. The average price runs in the $60 range and 100 proof. On average, for less than the cost of Knob Creek 12 Year, bourbon lovers can often find Knob Creek single barrel store picks at 120 proof, ranging from 11-14 years in age. The existence of older store picks at a high proof might deter many from buying Knob Creek 12 year.


Nose: Lots of oak. Sweet brown sugar. Dark fruits. “Beam funk.” Tobacco.

Palate: Oak. Vanilla. Grape. Citrus. Molasses.

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