Sean Dolan


All Time Favorite Whiskey

Col. EHT Single Barrel, Old Forester 1920.


Daily Pour
Col. EHT Small Batch, Old Grand Dad Bottled in Bond


Whiskey Story

Sean’s whiskey journey started in the late 90’s / early 2000’s.  Early favorites were shots of Canadian Club Sherry Cask and Jim Beam White Label.  Enter Jim Beam Black, and an occasional Manhattan.  He remembers a time when Pappy 15 cost $45 in the local booze hut, and nobody knew what it was.  He bought it the first time because he liked the look of the label, on the way to a Barn Party where a bottle of bourbon was the price of admission.  Sean is a musician, a dark beer and Oregon Pinot Noir aficionado, and knows his way around computers and websites.  


Sean enjoys drinking good bourbon with his pals in a local bourbon club they started, and enjoys friendships with some local store owners, but keeps it fairly small-time.  Rarely keeping more than one or two bottles on hand - Sean believes in drinking good bourbon, not looking at it. He rarely spends more than 100 bucks on a bottle, finding comfort and deliciousness in the $40 - $70 price range.


He is fortunate to have a wife who enjoys bourbon as well, though she is less supportive of his dallainces into Scotch, which she thinks tastes like paper.  But she does enjoy the apple pie moonshine that he and his friends make. 


Sean is a charcoal barbeque fan, as well as a big (literally) Deadhead.