Sippin' with Stogies

July 2021

The Shark

For my first official Whiskey Network review, I figured we would start with a world class pairing. We start with Cigar Aficionados Magazines 2017 Cigar of the year Cigar, The Arturo Fuente Eye of the Shark.

The Eye of The Shark is a Box Pressed Belicoso measuring in at 5.75x52. The cigar consists of some of the finest tobacco from the Dominican -- tobacco grown at Chateau Fuente wrapped in a gorgeous Cameroon wrapper. I decided to pair it with a sweet and flavorful Bourbon that has become one of my favorites -- the E.H. Taylor Barrel Proof coming in at 129.7. It seemed like the perfect pairing; a Medium Cigar with a big body bourbon full of flavor to compliment the cigar.


As I smell the cigar pre--light, the tobacco smells sweet and well aged. Initial light the cigar has a cedar taste with a very creamy cool smoke, followed by milk chocolate with a nice spice that runs from the tip of the tongue all the way to the back of the tongue. As I pour the first dram of the EH, the smell is amazing, initial aroma is berry jam with strong caramel and floral overtones. The Bourbon starts with a toasty vanilla carmel, I get dried oaky, peppery notes, and lots of dried stone fruit into a super long finish. As I take a puff and another drink, the two seem to dance a waltz across my palate. This is a super balanced pairing that seems to really accentuate each other superbly.


After a few inches, the cigar starts to spin into a hyperbole of complexity. The cigar has tons of flavors and notes, and the bourbon seems from the first few sips to just hug the cigar and complement it in every way possible. The cigar lasted about 70 minutes smoking it at a good pace. I recommend sweet, wheated Bourbons or Sherry cask finished Scotches to really complement the cigar if you don’t have this bottle to pair. This was a 95 point pairing easily. The only thing to increase the score would probably only be more of an aged bourbon. You can not go wrong with any products from either of these world class companies.