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TW Wright has been writing about his whiskey experiences and hosting whiskey tastings and events for over a decade. Enamored first by the single malts of Scotland, TW soon developed a love for, what was at the time, a rarely found old-style of American whiskey known as rye. Over time, he learned about the American rye whiskey story and began holding rye whiskey tastings. While visiting distilleries throughout the country and experiencing this recent rebirth of the American rye whiskey heritage first-hand, TW has deepened his love for rye and has developed many friendships with the people who make it. Where most tend to separate all distractions from the whiskey in their glass and attempt to isolate the flavors and smells of a libation, TW takes a different approach. Bringing together the whiskey and the environment, TW focuses on the details of the scene, explodes them out, and brings us into the total experience. As a Marylander, his love for rye whiskey is natural and contagious. He has a passion for this fine whiskey and a passion for sharing it.