Leaf Speak

February 2021


Cigar: Viaje Exclusivo Leaded Double R 

Origin Country: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo 99

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Vitola: Double R (5 ½, 54 RG)

Price: $9

Pairing: Aberlour A’bunadh - 61.5% abv, Batch No. 068, matured in Spanish Oloroso Sherry Butts

Visual / Pre-light Draw

This cigar sports a darkened, veiny, oily wrapper, and is rolled to perfection. No voids or cracks were detected, and it seems as though construction is on point. The dry draw provided me notes of nut and earth, and air flowed through the cigar with ease. A beautifully crafted and colorful band adorns the cigar with raised graphics and lettering.

First Third

After toasting, lighting, and taking my first draw, I was immediately hit with a pepper bomb on the palate. When I first started smoking cigars, I welcomed an opening like this, but as I have grown in terms of experience with the leaf, my preferences have shifted slightly to a more subtle and creamy profile. It’s not necessarily that I don’t enjoy a cigar like this, because I do every now and again, I just wouldn’t grab one of these for my everyday smoke and dram. As the cigar grew into ash, the notes of nut, pepper, and earth were accompanied by a dark chocolate hint, creating an enjoyable, yet simple profile.

Second Third

The strength of this cigar becomes clear, and there is no confusing the body of this cigar; it’s full. The earthy pepper and dark chocolate stay in the profile but are joined by a darkened fruit jelly filling note that is commonly found in one of those assorted candy boxes. A strong espresso note also comes into the mix and works well with the established flavors. The burn is perfect, and no touch-ups have been required thus far. 

Final Third

This cigar is a strong, full bodied beast. After smoking mostly Cubans for the last while, I have to say, it kind of kicked my ass. This was the second to last stick from a box purchased a year or so ago, and I do not remember them being this intense. Notes of roasted nut, earth, pepper, dark chocolate, and espresso dominated the profile, and the complexity was mid-level. If you enjoy these notes and a full-bodied experience, these cigars are a must have. I love Viaje and will always have some of their sticks in the humidor, and I highly recommend checking out their other offerings, as well as the Double R. 

The Pairing:

I chose one of my favorite non-Islay cask strength bottles, Aberlour A’bunadh, to pair with the Double R. Coming in at 61.5% abv, this is no slouch of a whisky, and as far as body goes, matched the cigar nicely. This batch was slightly woodier than the last one I tried, and a bit less sweet. Notes of spiced orange, black cherry, and oak soak the palate, and a dark cocoa note settles in afterwards, accompanied by a touch of honey. I absolutely love these bottles, and it brought a lighter feel to juxtapose the darkness of the cigar on the palate. I feel if I paired this cigar with a heavily peated dram it may have been overkill, but this bottle was just right. I highly recommend, as you can pair A-bunadh with just about any cigar.


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